Wildfires Coming To Your House Eventually So Neighborhoods Near Large Bodies Of Water Need To Consider An Action Plan

Raoul Eiseman
9 min readSep 12, 2020
Photo by Benjamin Lizardo on Unsplash

My parents bought a home in 1958 on the West Coast and I have rented the house since my father died and didn’t have to hardly advertise as one renter moved out a friend or family member would exchange damage deposits for ten of those years and since then, the house only needs two to three weeks to rent so I have collected rent every month for 12 years.

I was sitting down tonight watching the news on the fires on the West Coast and thinking that the my community was going to meet tomorrow at 10 AM so I called the President of the association and made the following suggestions for the meeting:

-It needs to be added to the agenda for the meeting to not only get everyone thinking about it urgently needing to be addressed, but also the expense will be large and be on top of the current budget.

- My suggestions include a very large water pump where the park owns the land up to high tide.

-In the discussion it came up that the park has an old water tank already that could be used to store water and we discussed a larger tank in addition.

-I suggested that we put bids out to a company to clear the brush around the houses and total park on an annual basis…