My Jewish Parents Hiding From the Nazis Babysat A Christian Girl That Recently Contacted Me 80 Years Later

Raoul Eiseman
7 min readAug 28, 2020


The story includes a letter written to me recently by a than 14 year old girl who lived near where my parents were hiding from the Nazis troops patrolling the streets where she describes the life of my parents during the war that has been translated to English.

A few years ago I got a call that did not identify themselves and said are you Raoul Eiseman and I of course said who is asking? An old woman in France who knew his parents asked me to find him and he used my Mother’s french name that no one knew because my parents were Fred and Lucy before they died in this country. I said I am him that person because no one would know that name. I could hear him to a room of people in French that I was found and there must have been a lot of people there because I heard clapping and laughing and talking from a lot of people. He explained that when my parents were hiding in southern France from the Nazis , she was a 14 year old girl that lived near them and my Mother would babysit her and she would have meals with my parents and loved them. I thought we need to go to France while this woman is still alive so I can share with her their new life and hear stories about them.

A few months later I received the following letter that I am thrilled to share with the world that I was afraid would be lost just being’ received by me and so I appreciate the opportunity to share it with the world and hope it will become part of the collection in Israel in the “Never Again”:

Please find below the translation of Simonne’s letter by Cyrièle and I:

“Dear Raoul,

I’m very touched that we were able to get back in touch after all those years. When I asked Jean-Luc and Cyrièle to look out for you in Seattle, I had only a slime hope and I’m really glad that they tried their luck by calling you.

Unfortunately, there is no one left in Lacaze of this time (neither parents nor children). They are all deceased. There was just Jacques Bonafé but he died 4 years ago. Alas, I am one of the last.

Yours parents lived in Doctor Cavaillés’s house inherited from his two aunts, who had no children. It was a family house which was not…