Meaningless Greetings We Need To Eliminate In America

Raoul Eiseman
1 min readJan 18, 2021

How much of our life is wasted in saying such meaningless things like “How are you?” and the same meaningless answer is always given. My answer is always “Still crazy after all these years!” to see what kind of reaction I get because everyone is not listening anyway. If I get a smile I continue by saying to friends you promised me you would help me and you never did and to strangers I say the Doctors can’t seem to help me. Other answers I get include there is a song that had those words and if they are old enough that the great artist Paul Simon first said it. If they are too young for that era I have played the song and if there is no time, I say try to get out of your stupid habit and say something with meaning like me. Other answers I get is we noticed that last time we saw you.

What else in your daily conversations do you need to eliminate because you now know the most ridiculous statement to say to impress the person whether they are important to you or a stranger?