Have You Ever Had A Stranger Tell You That They Never Will Forget You?

Raoul Eiseman
3 min readJan 24, 2021

Whenever I am in public I watch people around me and sometimes listen to their conversations that are near me. I have had six or eight strangers thank me and say “I will never forget you.” in different situations over many years.I was in a restaurant with my wife and as I always do, watch the workers and the other patrons. At the end of our meal I ask the African American college aged man if I could speak to him. I started by saying I am going to tell you my impression of you and what the future has in store for you.

When you walk out from the kitchen you do not just take care of your customers because you are aware of what is happening in the whole restaurant. When you fill our water or coffee you do the same for everyone in the restaurant as you genuinely smile and greet them and ask if they need anything else. When you walk back to the kitchen you look for and carry dirty dishes whether it is your customer or not. You walk and speak rapidly because your pace is fast so you are more productive than other people you work with and that comes naturally for you as you are not aware of yourself compared to others. Look where the other waitresses are and he looked about and saw the standing behind the counter visiting. I said they have mostly been standing there hardly doing anything as you without thinking about it want to stay busy to keep your endless energy going. Even when all the customers are taken care of, you bring the little cleaning machine around looking at the whole floor to stay busy.

The good news is that no matter what you do in life you will be successful because all of these attributes come naturally to you. When you work in a group you will be more productive than the average person. Your supervisor if they are good should see how good you are and recognize your abilities. In this kind of situation you will be given more work to do than your peers to help the organization make more money. Invariably the other workers will become less productive because they know about taking advantage of you so you need to be aware that you are being used even with you not caring.

Many times I tell this kind of person that I would like to communicate my impressions of them to their supervisor. I ask this young man to call their boss, but he was off. I ask…