A Whale In My Front Yard And An Eagle Nest In The Back With Videos

Raoul Eiseman
16 min readJan 28, 2024

Includes videos of the whale in shallow water and the eagle nest on the tallest tree in the back and a flight of the eagle after feeding the two young ones in the nest.

I was visiting my parents house for the first time in years because it had been rented for over a decade without advertising because when one tenant left a family member of the departing tenant or a friend of the tenant would move in and the deposit money was transferred to the next person after they had been researched by my Property Manager. One day I get a call from the current tenant that she had a family emergency and needed to fly to a relative so no notice would be given as she was moving and would pay the rent until the end of the lease. I hung up thinking that the house would be empty since my dad died and I could sleep there for the first time in decades.

My parents had bought the house in 1958 when I was twelve years old and they had left it to me after they were both gone. I flew up after the tenant had moved to a house with no furniture and immediately said hello to my neighbors that I known for decades and ask for an air mattress. I put the mattress in my parent’s master bedroom that I had never slept in and thought it would be nice to put it where my parents bed was so when I got up in the morning I would see the same view they got up to every morning for 40 years.

I went out in the morning sun and there is a big hill behind the house that has trees that must be hundreds of years old and in the tallest tree was a large eagle’s nest. What an incredible feeling to find that an eagle is sharing my land and I was thrilled. As I kept watching the eagles kept flying to the nest bringing food and standing on the edge as I fumbled with my phone trying to take a picture or video and they would fly off and this kept happening over and over because their trajectory would be be high coming down and fast so I stood for a long time ready to get my treasured picture. Well, that didn’t work so I took many videos and pictures of the nest and in one I thought I saw an eagle wing over the edge for a second with a profile of the eagles in the large nest where the branches support it.

Video — Google Photos

Another day I saw some of the neighbors standing at the end of the park looking down at the water as the land is on a bluff. I walked over and saw that everyone was looking at a whale that had come close to shore so…